Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday fun!

This has been a very good day-relatively speaking! After a traumatic night last night...we've recovered nicely! Last night/evening, M decided to cut her own hair. She just has beautiful hair...and we LOVE it! But, I walked into my bedroom to find a PILE of six inch long hair on the floor. She was devastated...that she got caught. I know we were wasn't to the scalp and she did a nice job as far as where she cut it, but still. Made me sick to my tummy! Here are some pics, too funny!

So, we went this morning to get a stylist to fix it...and she did a nice job. Still has gorgeous hair, now just with bangs and long layers! Then, the kids and I went to lunch and to the movie. We saw Bolt. All of us really enjoyed it. It was the first movie that I didn't have to take Mady to the bathroom-yes, I saw the entire movie! yEaH! We came home, and I'm not really sure what we did. I watched football-Florida/Bama game. Tonight I watched Oklahoma/Mizzu. Now I am watching Baylor play WashSt. ANd, I also got to do a Speed Scrap at SM! I also did one yesterday! Here are my LOs from the two SS.

Okay, not sure what else...I'm going to the living room to watch the game on the good tv. have a great Sunday!

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Laramie said...

Great layouts but loved the part about seeing the movie all the way through. We had to leave in the middle of Sherk III so that tells you how long it has been since we even tried to go to a film. Maybe when there a little bigger. Your entry made me laugh.