Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Speed Scrappin'

Hey all! We are all at home today from some ice and below freezing temps. We aren't doing much today. I'm going to participate in a Speed Scrap at noon. Love those. I'm also doing laundry while the kids are hanging out. We are going caroling with the neighborhood kids this evening. We've done it every year since we've moved here and really have a good time. I've never taken pictures before, but am going to this time. Its a tradition now and since this will be the final year here in Arkansas...I want to remember it.

In addition, Christy is hosting a Speed Scrap Thursday evening. Not sure if i can, but will try to get to that one too.

I have just a couple of things left on my Christmas list to buy and get wrapped. Need to do that tomorrow probably.Hope everyone has a great day!

Don't forget, everything in my store is 25% off! Go grab what you have been wanting! ;)

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