Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Blues

I hate Mondays, especially when I stay up until 1 am watching a movie, even if it was a good movie! I think I get this from my mom. Heath told me no less that 25 times that I was in a bad mood. I tried to tell him he makes it worse every time he says it! Oh well. What do you do? H had basketball practice tonight. He's playing Upward Basketball again this year. I think he has a great coach and team. H even told me that he wants to delay meeting up with Heath on Friday to go hunting so that he can play in a scrimmage on Saturday morning. I guess we'll find out what happens there. Oh, I also finished and ordered our Christmas cards! Now, I have to wait for them, get my list together and get ready to put all the addresses on them. I used Britt-ish and DeCrow Designs' Very Merry Kit...this is just the perfect Christmas kit! I used it in the SS LO I did and posted yesterday called "Santa Surprise." Love it!

So I've spent much of the day trying to clean off my external hard drive so I can fit my pictures on there. I need to free some space in Daisy--my computer. She's been running slow, so I need to get rid of some gigs. That quickly happens with the pictures. Did you know that I had over 3000 pictures? OMGoodness! And, that wasn't all. I have more than that on a different external hard drive. I'm asking for a terabyte hard drive for Xmas...maybe Santa can bring me one! I love electronics. No need for flowers, get me technology! ;)

So, I am hosting a daytime Speed Scrap this week. Its on Friday.

I have a new alpha I am giving away as a participation prize. Hope to see you there!

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Christina Brady said...

I love Day scraps! I'm always excited when I stumble accross one. I'm suppose to be moving this week so If I can sneak away for an hour I definitely will be there. Thanks for the oportunity!