Saturday, December 13, 2008

9 am on a Saturday is too early!

This morning H had his first scrimmage for the basketball league he's playing in. This is his 4th year to play ball, and its just amazing how much better he gets from year to year. The major difference this son has become an aggressive little player! He was all over the court--stealing the ball, rebounding, etc. I was very impressed, but I still say....9 am on a Saturday morning is too early for anything. period. And, of course, all our games are that early for 2 stinkin' months! oh well, what's a mom to do!?!? ;) I took this pic with my iphone...why didn't I take my camera?

I hosted the speed scrap yesterday at SM. I asked as an instruction for a movie quote to be used as the title. It threw many for a loop, but it was still fun. Here is my LO that inspired the directions. I used my new Sweetheart Surprise for it...I really like it. This picture is one that I found while cleaning out my picture file. Love it!

And, here is the LO i did for the SS Thursday night. Heath took these pictures in Waco of H for his birthday invite. H was really into cowboys and we had a cowboy birthday. One of my favorite pics! (I used Britt's Toy Sheriff kit and a paper from SS of mine.)

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