Friday, September 12, 2008

fantasy celebrity draft

Howdy! I am going home, to Texas, today! I can't wait to see my sisters, parents, in laws, niece and nephews, everyone. We are going to have fun-though it looks like we will be soaked with Ike coming. The college football game we were going to tomorrow has been moved to tonight. SO, that means-I get an extra day of football! he he! 
Yesterday, my group of friends from NYC-I've mentioned them before-had a celebrity draft. This is to combat some of our husbands/boyfriends' involvement in fantasy football. We each drafted five celebrities. We are keeping points for things like being on a magazine cover, highlighted on Perez Hilton, getting engaged/married, getting arrested, etc. Its totally fab! I drafted the following: Barack Obama, Eva Longoria, Shia LaBouf, Ashley Simpson, Ashley Tisdale. So, if you are in a store and see one of my celebs on a magazine cover or hear some fab news about them, shoot me an email or leave me a comment so I can make sure I get my points! We play until the Super Bowl. Its gonna be SO fun! 
I have been so busy this week with work. I haven't done a page at all that I can even share with you! How sad. Maybe I can get one done this weekend, but we will be having some family time, so I am not sure about that! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Stay safe and dry if you are in Texas and/or Louisiana!

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Cra-Z-cat said...

have a fun trip.. enjoy ur family and football.. that celeb draft sounds really fun.. good luck w/ winning!!