Saturday, September 27, 2008

Scrappin' and Football

I'm currently caught up with my work and so I've decided to take a break. M has decided that she's independent today and is barely bothering me. She's been playing, watching television, and trying not to fall asleep for a nap! She's so funny. She does come in about once an hour to hug or sing or tell me she wants something she sees on tv-okay as I was typing she comes in to tell me and show me that she learned to tie her shoes...or she thinks so, awesome. But, overall, she's as quiet as a mouse playing with her lip gloss I bought her yesterday. (I bribed her while I was shopping for a dress for Adrienne and Daniel's wedding.) H is down the street playing with his fabulous group of friends that live in the neighborhood. I won't hear from him until he's starving. And, me? I am watching football (flipping the channels) and digi scrappin'! I am in heaven. I think I might even go grab a nap.

Heath just called and his plane got cancelled. He's not happy with the airlines-he's a bit ready to come home after being gone for a week. So instead of 8:30 tonight, he'll be here at almost midnight. Not easy on a mommy who has 2 kids who should be asleep! Oh well, what do you do? At least he'll be home tonight. We'll get to see him for an entire 12 hours before he returns to work at the hospital tomorrow.

What else? Oh, I was going to show you what I've been doing today...

This page is with DigiKeepsakes by Monica's new kit: Delightful Refreshment

This one is with pictures from when we lived in New York. We went to the pumpkin patch with Tracey, Darryl, and much fun. Wish we could totally come up this fall to go again!

And here is a picture of M and I from the Fourth of July, 2006!

So that is about it. Maybe I'll come back to the computer in a bit to scrap or design some more. But, I might sit in front of the tv tonight enjoying college ball! (Speaking of...i love an upset...USC AND Florida already this week...anyone else? I guess we'll see!)

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