Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Special at SM

Whew! What a morning I've already had, and I've only been up for 2 hours! It started out as a normal morning in the house. Heath went to work (finally a day shift at the hospital!), I kept sleeping. Mady wakes me up for something to drink. I finally get up (very slowly) and get her juice and throw some pigs in the blanket in the oven...we eat, yada, yada. 

So, I go to my office to work on my new project. 

In addition, I am hosting the Saturday Special Challenge at ScrapMatters! Go check it out here! We would love to have you play along with us! Here is the LO I did for the challenge.

Okay, back to my story...while I was actually trying to work, IM my manager, and get the SM blog posted (yes I multi-task), my daughter starts screaming...and I mean screaming! She runs into my office holding her arm. Yes, her brother pulled her elbow out (nurse maid's elbow) and she can't move her arm. I call heath, he confirms, and we are madly getting dressed to get to the hospital so he can put it back into place. (This has happened once before, and heath popped it back in-its was all good. This is when an ER doc for a daddy does some good!). We load into the car and head toward the hospital. About 5 minutes from the house, Mady all of a sudden stops crying (yes, 10-15 minutes later) and says "Its all better Mommy-look I can move it now!" WHAT!?!?  I call Heath back, do his instructions to see if its fine, and he says she popped it back in herself. Deep breath. We turn around and go back home. I finally got the challenge up and am now writing this blog while watching ESPN College Game Day. My next task: 4 more lessons to write! I'm off to multi-task some more! Hope everyone has a great day! 

Oh, and a shout out to my Bears! Go Bears! Hope they win their game tonight!


LadyPatsFan said...

Isn't it scary when that happens? Hopefully that will be the end of it for you. Unfortunately sometimes it loosens the ligaments and it becomes easier to happen again. It used to happen to my daughter when she was little, but luckily she outgrew it.

I really like your home layout. Great job. :)

alamama said...

I have to take a deep breath after that story!! Glad it all worked out! Glad to be on the SM team with you too!