Monday, September 15, 2008

How 'bout them Cowboys!

What a game! I was nervous the entire game tonight, and it didn't help that M cried the entire first quarter. Oh well. The good news, we won! Yeah! It was such a good game. Sorry for you folks that are Eagle fans. No matter who won, both teams played good.
This weekend was so long! So much fun, but long! Oh my! We had hurricane evacuees join us. (My aunt, cousin, and her family). They came to Waco and are still there. They can't go home until electricity and water are restored. It doesn't look good. So, keep all those people in your prayers. I was stressed for them, and nothing in my every day life was even effected.
I am hoping to get some scrappin' and designing done this week, but am going to be SO busy with my project! Probably won't be blogging as much either. Hope all of you have a great one!

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