Saturday, September 20, 2008

Poor Neglected Blog

My blog has been quickly shoved to the back burner. This new project is taking up all my brainpower, let alone my time! I've been working all week and have just a bit to work on this weekend before the week starts. I've barely had time to do much else because I've also gotten sick. Then, on Thursday night, M decided to get sick too. She's not good at all--fever, blisters in her throat. She has rarely been sick in her little life, but seems to be handling it well.
I watched football last night-I know shock! Baylor played UConn, and they looked very good. I am impressed with Art Briles, our new coach. They are looking competitive, which is all I can ask for! I think maybe we might sneak up on a couple of teams this year-we almost did last night. Not that anyone really cares about that right now!
Today is a day of cleaning my house (which has also been neglected), watching college ball, taking care of M, and digi-scrappin' a bit. Oh! I forgot...last weekend, on the way home from Texas, our black lab stepped on my cup of dr. pepper in the car. And, it exploded all over my new badge book! My husband felt SO bad, he was like, "just remember, it didn't take very long to make!" Then, he showed it to me. Oh well...what do you do? I guess make another one! I already bought a new holder. Maybe I'll do that today, it's last on my list tho.
What else? Oh, I remember...the reason I'm posting. I am hosting the Speed Scrap this week at Scrapmatters! I'm so excited. I'll be working on my instructions today! I do hope you can join us!
There is a great participation prize I put together last night!

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