Friday, September 5, 2008

Daily Download Reminder!

Hey all! Its been a long week for me! my hubby has worked all nights this week. Plus the electricity cotastrophe. And, I've started a new project that I have to wrap my mind around! But, the good news is it's over! College football is tomorrow (yeah Game Day!) and the Cowboys play on Sunday! Woo Hoo! I've almost caught up on 3 episodes of Hard Knocks: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp. I am really enjoying it. Its so funny because Wade Phillips (the coach) seriously looks like my dad! No joke, even my grandma called and told me so! Soon, I will find a picture of my dad and Wade to show you! But, back to the story. As I was watching Hard Knocks, Mady walked in my room. She says, "Look, there's Poppy!" Yes, my daughter thinks Wade is my dad and her poppy! Too cute, in fact, last season if she saw anything Cowboys, she would ask where her poppy was! Plus, I need to google TO's website to see if he's really selling his shirts or not because "me likey!" (to quote my friend Tracey) Maybe I will do that soon. 

I just wanted to give everyone a reminder about the DD at SM! Its so cute! Grab today's download in this forum! I'll start doing my portion of the kit on Monday! This really is a super cute kit!

Let's see if there is anything else?  Oh, I have done a couple of LOs this week-before the electricity thing. THe top one is from the Speed Scrap on Tuesday. 

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