Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Daily Download

Hey all! Today begins my part of the Daily Download at SM! Go grab my first paper/elements at the SM forum now! The link will be up for 24 hours! I hope y'all have enjoyed downloading this kit. It really is great!
I don't have time to write much more. Today is PACKED! My list:
-4 chapters of writing (this is appx 30 lessons or so)
-take M to mother's day out (thank GOD! so I have time to do all this!)
-shop for H's birthday
-PTO meeting
-laundry (at least 4 loads)
-kitchen (oh my its a mess-why do I not do it every night!)
-target (meds for my allergies that have decided to act up)
So I'd better be off! Hope everyone has a lovely Tuesday! Oh, there is a Speed Scrap TONIGHT! Be there for some addicting fun!

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