Friday, November 14, 2008

Blessing #13

I'm a loser.....lllloooosssser! I totally forgot to do this yesterday. But, I totally know what I'm going to write about. Then, will have another one tonight! And, I already know that one too!
I did work much of yesterday on my album for Jessica Sprague's "Stories in Hand" class. Very excited to start writing for that. I just have one more thing to do to finish it. I bought myself a Bind-it-all! Yeah for the 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby! Anyway, i bought the metal binder thing too small, so i'll go back to buy the bigger one today. Very excited! I might start binding all sorts of stuff now!
Blessing #13: Medicine! My family is sick-okay I guess not Heath since he isn't here. But M has had an upper respiratory infection. H's asthma is acting up and he's got this head cold virus that I've had forever! Anyway, I want to say, I am blessed to live in a time and place that medicines are available. M started some antibiotics on Monday, and she is already a totally new person! H's constant coughing has been remedied by some wonderful prescription cough medicine and his inhaler. YEAH! Oh, and not to mention the motrin and tylenol that helps with fever! Thank God that we have meds to help us get if I could just find something to restore my voice that I lost last night! ;)

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