Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blessing #6

Time for my blessing of the day:
Blessing 6: M--My daughter is awesome. I am so blessed to have her in my life! M loves to have a good time, even at the age of three, she wouldn't pass up a party! Even as a baby, she wanted to be in the middle of everything. In addition, M makes me laugh at least three times a day-I'm not just talking a giggle, I am talking a belly, out loud laugh! She is FUNNY!
So a story-this was from Monday. I should preface she is constantly eating candy from
Halloween, and tho I am not a health nut, I can't stand the kids
overloading on candy. She has a sweet tooth so just cannot control

"M you cannot have any more candy today. Did you know that on
Nov4, after every Halloween, the candy fairy comes and eats all the
candy? [side note: this does happen at our house-i throw all the candy
out-and yes I did do this-only a 20 minute fit followed when M discovered it.] "
"Yes, I'm sorry, but the candy fairy is best friends with the tooth
fairy. And the tooth fairy loves to come and give you money for your
teeth when you lose them. And, your teeth need to be nice and healthy
for the tooth fairy. Candy makes your teeth yucky."
"NNNNoooo! [not quite as loud] I know Mommy. I am going to hide the
candy so the candy fairy can't eat it!" (I'm giggling at this point)
"Where would you hide it?"
"In my closet, she'd never find it there. Its too messy." (here is where I busted out laughing)

Anyway, she just so inventive. I love you M! And, of course I must show a couple of pics of cute.
1 YO, her second Easter, she was trying to learn to walk!

18 months: we had just moved to Little Rock in this picture.
2YO at Disney. She loved that Mickey--even danced with it!

3 YO in Colorado this summer. Love this picture of her. She was just playing on the porch!

In addition, I also did this at Britt's Speed Scrap last night! Don't forget the one I am hosting Friday at 1 PM central!!!

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