Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blessing #11

Blessing #11: Freedom and those who fought for it: Today is Veteran's Day. I am blessed to live in a free country with men and women who are willing to sacrifice their lives for the US to stay that way. Both of my grandfathers were vets. I grew up on stories of my Granddad Clyde (my dad's dad) getting "lost" in Paris and being one of Eisenhower's body guards. (Granddad Clyde was much more willing to talk about his WW2 experiences and to show us pictures.) My Granddad Wink had pictures of Calcutta, India that I remember looking at, but he didn't talk about his experiences very much. I am so blessed to live in a country where we honor our vets. I do believe we could never do enough for them, and a day of recognition is just a drop in the bucket. So, thank you so much to all of you out there who have served our nation in the Armed Forces. You are greatly appreciated!
Today, we had a good time in Waco. Though M is sick with an upper respiratory infection, we did have a couple of errands. I also am starting Jessica Sprague's class: Stories in Hand. I am collecting all of the supplies to make my album--which is turning out to be difficult b/c I am not at home with all my paper scrap supplies. I am going to have to raid my MIL's supply tomorrow and get this finished! I am making H do math and reading every day until his assignments from school get here. He is reading "Speed Racer" and just discovered he is on his last chapter. He is truly amazing-he can pretty much pick anything up and read it! M on the other hand, pointed out "x" last night in the Exit sign at the urgent care clinic. I was impressed. She can also recognize M and E. M is definitely her favorite as she just stood over mom and the computer yelling at her "TYPE AN M, TYPE AN M!" Awesome. Miss Heath alot. Ready to see him, unfortunately he has to work. Okay, hope everyone has a great day/night!

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