Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Introducing....Haynay's Hunnies!!! (and Blessing 4!)

Okay, where do I begin!??! What an electric day! Everyone is so excited about the election today! I cannot wait to see the results of this history making election. Which leads me to...

Blessing #4: The Right to Vote. How blessed am I to live in the United States! I thank God often that I am an American with so many rights that many do not have! Today, I want to celebrate the privilege and responsibility I have to vote as a US citizen! How exciting!!! Here are some pics I took this morning of where I voted. (heath wouldn't let me take pics while he was there, but I went back and took them...got some weird looks too. But, I needed to record this day in my own way!)

I would also like to announce my new CT--Haynay's Hunnies!!! I am so excited about this fabulous group of women! Be looking for some of their most fabulous LOs!!!

I hope everyone has a fabulous day! And, if you haven't yet....GET OUT AND VOTE!!! (yes I did yell!)

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Jarrod & Heather said...

Yea! I'm so excited to be a part of your CT!