Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blessings 20-22

So far behind! Too busy cleaning my house for my in laws. They are coming on Wednesday for Thanksgiving. Can't wait!

Blessing 20 and 21: Robyn and Amber: my sisters. Robyn is my older sister. Amber is my younger sister. (Yes, I'm the middle--this is probably what is wrong with me!) They are two of my best friends. We talk daily-sometimes more than once a day! I have been blessed to grown up with these two ladies! Both of them have supported me as I've moved all over the northern hemisphere! Plus, have been wonderful when I had both of my babies. I know that I can turn to either of them in a time of need or in a time of joy! I love you both!!!

Blessing 22: A mother/daughter day: I've never really had one of these as the mom! Heath and H are duck hunting this weekend. So, M and I have had the best day! OMG! I had no idea even at three years old, it would be so fun just to hang out together! We started by going to Garden Ridge. She was amazed by all of the Christmas stuff there! Not that we bought any, we didn't! But, I did buy a new rug for in front of my sink. Fun and exciting I know! After GR, we went to lunch-had soup and quiche. Love it! Then on to Pier 1 to spend a gift certificate I had. We looked and looked at Christmas ornaments and ended up buying several-I let her choose them all. So fun! Then, we came home. We put up and decorated the tree. She actually helped me the entire time, she never left like H usually does after 3 ornaments! We took a nap together, ate dinner, and then I held her on the couch. Today was a blessing, and I cannot wait to have even more! I'll post pictures of the tree later! YEAH!

Am i actually caught up on my should all be on the look out! I have a special surprise for everyone this week! Can't wait to share!

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