Monday, November 3, 2008

Blessing #3

Wow. What a weekend. It was full of football, although, not all good.

So its time for my next blessing. I have problems with how to prioritize things. But, today the Krewe has been on my mind. Just because I am doing a blessing on them before my kids, does not mean that are more important, just that I have already thought this morning how special they are to me!

Blessing #3: The Krewe-This is a group of girls that I worked with in NYC. We are from all over the country, but instantly became very good friends. We have been with each other for births, deaths, getting new jobs, losing jobs, moving, buying houses, and so many other things. We even have our own message board that we go to every day to talk about the issues of the day-be it in our personal lives, in the US, or in the World. I have learned so much from the ladies! They have clued me in to cultures that are different than mine, views that are different than mine, families and religion that are different than mine. I am so blessed to have a group of friends like these!

Ummm, just realized, look at all the babies! This was the period of time that we had like 5 babies within a year or two. Grant it G did have twins but still! This picture is from June 2006. We had a mini reunion while we were in NYC for Heath's med school graduation. These ladies are seriously the bomb-digity! (Oh and M-I'm holding her-had JUST busted her head open at the hotel! That was quite a tragedy! Thank God my MIL, Molly, was there to help me! I would not have known what to do exactly! and So glad her bangs covered up the bandage!)

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