Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blessing 19

Blessing #19: Music: I love music. I rarely drive in the car without it on. It calms me, invigorates me, motivates me, comforts me. I usually listen to New Country, but love some rock splashed in there too! Siruis 60 and "the Pulse" are my favorites. In addition, I listen to it while working and scrapping. I feel fortunate to be able to hear wonderful tunes and great songs!

So, here is another page for my blessing book. I did this a couple of weeks ago, but had to save it. It was for the Template Tuesday challenge at SM. Go here to participate! You'll earn a point in our challenge system!

Plus, I did the Speed Scraps Tuesday afternoon and last night. The first one is from last spring when it snowed here.


Then this is from last night. I think my page turned out good-considering the pictures were so stinkin' bright! The pics were from Heath and his dad's trip to Argentina a few years back-yeah I know I'm behind! But, at least I try! ;)


M and I went on a small hike yesterday-and i mean small. We went across the street to the woods. We just walked up and down the outskirts of the trees, but she had a great time. She believed she was on a real adventure looking for a little boy named "Hike." That made me laugh. I think I got some cute pictures of her, but not sure. I'll download and share at another time!

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