Monday, November 10, 2008

Of Course...its a monday!

So after the lovely weekend I've had, I woke up several times last night to M coughing. She woke up this morning with a fever-of course, its Monday! Oh well, by 7:45 I was at the store buying meds. She is now laying on the couch. We are about to watch Toy Story 2. Maybe I should take pics and use Britt's Toy Sheriff kit and make a page! I just might do it!
Anyway, so to relax a bit, I have scrapped this morning. This afternoon, I will work on the last part of my project. I sort of did the Speed Scrap-I started and worked for a half hour-then took a break with the kids-and came back to finish up just in the nick of time! Here is what I came up with!
I really love how this page turned out! Christy hosted a great SS!

I also did my blessings page this morning. But, it has to wait until next week to show. Sorry.

Blessing 10: Love between Siblings: It is so special to see H and M love each other so very much. Yes, we have our fill of fighting, but in the end, they would always stick up for one another! H is so great at helping M do all sorts of things: turn on lights, get her a drink, turn on Noggin. M also helps H out: she protects his stuff from others who might want to play with it! Heath and I have always wanted our children to love each other beyond measure. I think we have our dream!

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