Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blessing #23

Blessing #23: Relaxing days: I have been blessed today. I had a relaxing day at home. The house was clean; the Christmas tree put up. I put some logs on the fire. Awesome! I woke up, watched television, took a shower. I did clean out the cabinets in the kitchen, but after that, I laid around. It was awesome! I guess I needed to rest and have a day that there wasn't much going on! M played with her doll house and watched television. Oh, and she played in a tent made out of sheets. What a blessing a day full of relaxation has been!

Here is a picture of the tree. M and I put it up Saturday.

Heath called last night to inform me they had an accident at the duck lease. H had been playing with some of the other boys out there and tripped. He fell face forward into some sharp rocks and busted his head open. I guess this is when you are thankful that your hubby is an ER doc! He had some glue with him and glued H's head back together! Here is what it looked like tonight when they got home. Ouch!!!

And here is a page I did this weekend. SM has an "Everyday Magic" challenge each week. This week's was to scrap your Scrap Space. Here is my office. It's where I basically live! I do my freelance work, designing, scrapping, and general surfing the net here.


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labdogs42 said...

Oooh, I love your space LO! I especially like how you did the title. Totally cool! Your blog header and layout look great, too. I really need to work on mine!

PS -- You've been tagged! Stop by my blog for the details!